About me in English

I live in Katowice, district Koszutka. Katowice is the heart of Silesia, Poland. My work has been published in numerous places.

I also started writing novels. The first is In the Shadow of Golgotha. The stories take place in the first two centuries of this epoch. The thing about the first Christians. In the background, the pagan and Jewish world.
Rome, Athens, Jerusalem.
This is a "reverse" story. Why? One has to read to find out.
The book will be published by Forma from Szczecin.
Kaffeeberg was also created, a story of children from Koszutka in Katowice, which takes place in 1966-67. About children, but not for children. Still waiting for the publisher. A "pandemic" book based on the memories of me, my friends and acquaintances. A real and sometimes magical tale.

My career path has been a winding road. At times the destination has been obvious and at other times unclear. 

I truly believe there is a place in this world where philosophy, mythology and religion meet from ancient, Judeo-Christian, cultures in the Far East. This place is painted with a brush from one of the Dutch or Italian Masters. This place has been described by many people: Czesław Miłosz, Zbigniew Herbert, Julia Hartwig, Urszula Kozioł, Zygmunt Kubiak, Ryszard Przybylski and others.

Rilke, Kawafis and Seferis but also Larkin.
Marquez, Coetzee, Alice Munro, Olga Tokarczuk.

I believe that modern man is more than just a lustful homo economicus.

In this world I like:

  • Old forges; my grandfather Jan Lenc had one. His son and my uncle Polek also had one
  • Foods including Russian dumplings, Italian pasta and Polish Christmas carp
  • Evening scent in Kiczora, located in the Beskid Mountains, in a meadow near ones house
  • Gin & Tonic and Caiprinha
  • Tales and fairy tales of all sorts. 
  • Spring and warm autumn as described by Natalia de Barbaro:

Wczesna jesień: tkliwość. Jakbym się pochylała
nad ciałem jeszcze pięknym, ale już skazanym.

Jeszcze będziemy mrużyć  oczy w słońcu,
kłaść się na trawie, udawać że nie

(in Polish)

I sense autumn at the beginning of June. Am I a melancholic? 

The volume of short stories Ja, Wittgenstein was my first book. Chimera was the second,
Ostatni ogród (The last garden) is the third.

I am member of The Association of Polish Writers.

The list of my writings is available on "Ryszard Lenc, parę słów". In Polish.

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