About me in English

I live in Katowice which is in the heart of Silesia, Poland. My work has been published in numerous places. My career path has been a winding road. At times the destination has been obvious and at other times unclear. 

I truly believe there is a place in this world where philosophy, mythology and religion meet from ancient, Judeo-Christian, cultures in the Far East. This place is painted with a brush from one of the Dutch or Italian Masters. This place has been described by many people: Czesław Miłosz, Zbigniew Herbert, Julia Hartwig, Urszula Kozioł, Zygmunt Kubiak, Ryszard Przybylski and others.
Rilke, Kawafis and Seferis but also Larkin.
Marquez, Coetzee, Alice Munro, Olga Tokarczuk.

I believe that modern man is more than just a lustful homo economicus.

In this world I like:

  • Old forges; my grandfather Jan Lenc had one. His son and my uncle Polek also had one
  • Foods including Russian dumplings, Italian pasta and Polish Christmas carp
  • Evening scent in Kiczora, located in the Beskid Mountains, in a meadow near ones house
  • Gin & Tonic and Caiprinha
  • Tales and fairy tales of all sorts. 
  • Spring and warm autumn as described by Natalia de Barbaro:

Wczesna jesień: tkliwość. Jakbym się pochylała
nad ciałem jeszcze pięknym, ale już skazanym.

Jeszcze będziemy mrużyć  oczy w słońcu,
kłaść się na trawie, udawać że nie

(in Polish)

I sense autumn at the beginning of June. Am I a melancholic? 

The volume of short stories Ja, Wittgenstein was my first book. Chimera was the second,
Ostatni ogród (The last garden) is the third. I hope not the last book.

I am member of The Association of Polish Writers.

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